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    Sunday, April 01, 2018   /   by Jason Grissom

    Improve Your Curb Appeal Without Going Broke

    Getting ready to sell your home? A common mistake is to over-spend on upgrades. While buyers will certainly appreciate a new roof, granite counters, and other pricey additions, putting $5000 into those features will not always get you the bang-for-your-buck you want.

    Consult your agent for what improvements are needed for to make your home competitive, but it's cheap and easy to start on cosmetic items. New paint goes a lot further for less, and makes a bigger impact than a costly redo of the whole bathroom. The time to remodel was when you first bought the house, and for your own enjoyment, not when you’re getting ready to sell.

    So what can you do? First, take stock and don’t get overwhelmed. Separate out the “must do’s” from the “quick fixes” and give yourself a manageable list. A good place to start?

    Yard Sale! – Making some money is always nice, but don’t lose sight. Your main goal is to de-clutter and prepare y ...

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    Thursday, March 01, 2018   /   by Jason Grissom

    Understanding The Different Home Types

    While the single-family home is still the most common, land scarcity and rising prices are making alternatives more and more appealing. Condominiums, townhomes, PUDs, and co-ops are a good option if you're trying to squeeze in to a crowded market, but what are they, and what’s the difference?
    First, they are all considered Common Interest Subdivisions (CIS), in which individual ownership of a residential unit is combined with the shared ownership of a common area. More specifically...
    Houses and condos are very similar - you have a deed, a mortgage, and pay property taxes. The biggest difference is that what you really own is “airspace.” Walls, floors, and ceilings are owned in common among all residents. You join the homeowner’s association and pay monthly dues to cover management, hazard insurance, maintenance, garbage collection, hallway lighting, and landscaping. A portion of the dues are set aside in an account for long-term ...

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